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6 Emma Earrings

"'I lay it down as a general rule, Harriet, that if a woman doubts as to whether she should accept a man or not,
she certainly ought to refuse him.
If she can hesitate as to "Yes," she ought to say "No" directly.'"
Chapter 7

"Emma Woodhouse"
Quantity: 1 left!

These beautiful earrings have a character all of their own. Just like Emma! Just try to stay away from matchmaking while wearing these. ^_^

Quantity: 1 left!

Small yet effective little earrings that will add just the right touch of character to any outfit.
"Miss Fairfax"
Quantity: 1 left!

Wire knotwork at the bottom adds just the right touch of detail. They're perfect for every day wear and will match practically anything!
Cannot be reproduced
Cannot be reproduced
Can be reproduced with a little alteration from example shown.

"Box Hill"
Quantity: 1 left!
A series of three glass spheres that reminds one of a climb up a hill. You definitely won't be scolded for your behavior when you wear these!

" The Ball at the Crown"
Quantity: 1 left!
Just imagine all of the compliments you'll receive when you wear this pair out in public! Who cares about drafts in the hallways when you're wearing these? Green stones are accented with leaf-like metal charms at the bottom.

" Hartfield"

An evening alone at Hartfield might not have been so dull had Emma owned this pair of earrings. Silver chain with navy blue drops at the bottom.
CAN be reproduced!

For more information leave a comment or e-mail me at this address:

austen (dot) inspirations (at) gmail (dot) com
(Read it aloud if you're having trouble interpreting it ^_~ )

  • Order is limited to 3 pairs if being sent outside the United States!
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